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Pets are a very important part of our lives and we consider them members of our family. Our beloved pets deserve to be remembered and cherished. The team at Woodside Granite offers pet memorials and pet urns to make the final resting place of your pet special and meaningful, whether cat, dog, horse, bird, or any other special animal.

Photo-realistic images of your pet can be etched permanently into the stone as a unique reminder of the love you shared.  

  • Pet memorial tiles are a beautiful tribute to a lost pet and can be displayed just about anywhere.
  • Cremation pet markers are available to honor your beloved pet and are fully customizable. 
  • Mini upright memorials are the same quality and size of our full sized products, made smaller for use as a pet memorial. 

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Over the years we have built a distinctive family of dedicated dealers, each one particularly attuned to the needs of the local community. They include: Brigden Memorials/Hale Monuments in Albion, Hart Monuments in Rochester, and Woodside Monument in Batavia. We also work directly with cemeteries in designing, procuring, assembling and installing columbariums and other custom pet headstones.

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