About Woodside Granite

The team at Woodside Granite Industries has 150 years of combined experience in procuring, designing, manufacturing, and setting the finest memorials in Western New York. In addition to a large library of existing digital designs and design elements, we regularly scan in photographs and create custom artwork. Custom etchings are a particular specialty. We also work directly with cemeteries in designing, procuring, assembling, and installing columbarium's and other specialty memorials.

We are a family-owned business and pride ourselves on highly specialized products and compassionate customer service. You'll appreciate the personalized experience we provide, ensuring that your loved one is honored as you see fit.

Please note: In recent years, the memorial industry has faced challenges with shortages in raw materials, production materials needed for engraving, and labor. This has caused the time it takes for us to receive shipments and complete monuments to be unpredictable. We are exploring every avenue and make every effort to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. The families that we serve will continue to be our #1 priority. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Experience You Can Count On

You probably choose a cemetery monument only once or twice in your life. When you do, take full advantage of the understanding that our experience has given us. Our goal is to make your selection process as simple as possible while still satisfying all your wishes.

What is the lifetime of a memorial?

Granite is an extremely hard material that withstands the elements very well. Unlike marble-a softer substance-granite has been and will continue to be around for centuries. We are extremely selective in the granite choices that we offer clients. Not all granite is alike and longevity can vary depending on its quality, origin, and workmanship.

Is there a right time to buy?

There is no "right" or "wrong" time to look into purchasing a memorial. It's simply when the time is right for you. Many people purchase a memorial "at need," after a loved one has passed away. Others purchase a memorial "pre-need'. Pre-need buyers tell us they value ordering exactly what they want, while reducing stress on surviving family members.

What are the key steps in ordering my memorial?

(1) You'll work with a specialist to personalize a suitable memorial, sign an order, and make a deposit.
(2) You'll receive a professional rendering of your memorial to review, make any changes, and sign for approval.
(3) Upon approval, the memorial goes into production and once completed, gets washed down, inspected, and scheduled for installation in the cemetery.
(4) Once set, we take a confirming digital snapshot and notify your specialist, who in turn notifies you.

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