Common Monument Questions

We carefully select proven providers with a reputation for excellent talent and state-of-the-art machinery. Many of these providers are in Barre, Vermont, the granite capital of the world, but we actually source world-wide, often working with well-established distributors.
While typical times range from eight to eleven weeks, timing is influenced by memorial size, design complexity, and the availability of various granites. Snowy winter months can delay actual installation time — usually, memorials that are ordered during the late fall or winter months will be installed as soon as possible in the spring.
  1. You’ll work with a specialist to personalize a suitable memorial, sign an order and make a deposit.
  2. Next, you’ll receive a professional rendering of your memorial to review, make any changes, and sign for approval.
  3. Upon approval, the memorial goes into production and once completed, gets washed down, inspected, and scheduled for installation in the cemetery.
  4. Once set, we take a confirming digital snapshot and notify your specialist, who in turn notifies you.
There is no “right” or “wrong” time to look into a memorial. It’s simply when the time is right for you. Many people purchase a memorial “at need,” after a loved one has passed away. Others purchase a memorial “pre-need’. Pre-need buyers tell us they value ordering exactly what they want, while reducing stress on surviving family members.
Generally yes. We can readily install memorials in most of Western New York, although mileage fees may be levied for long distances. We also have working relationships with other dealers outside of our area and in other states.
We often duplicate a stone, though ordering one requires a visit to the cemetery for detailed measurements, pictures, and a “rubbing” — that is, a physical impression produced through the use of a pressure-sensitive paper. Duplication is usually done when a stone is added to a family plot and continuity is important. Or clients may see a memorial in a cemetery and want to duplicate it, which is generally no problem.
Memorials, like any building or structure, impose a significant load on the ground, and therefore need to be upright and stable. A memorial foundation requires the ground at the head of a grave to be excavated and concrete to be poured into a form proportionate to the size of the memorial. In order to form a “mowing collar”, some cemeteries require their memorial foundations to extend a few inches beyond the size of the memorial. Such ‘mowing collars’ keep grass away from the memorial, thereby reducing trim work during grass mowing.
Many cemeteries do their own foundations. For those who do not, we provide this service.
We order and coordinate the foundation with the cemetery. Coordinating this order is part of our service to you.

The cost of the foundation relates to memorial size and varies depending on the cemetery. We pay the cemetery and bill you accordingly. Occasionally, cemeteries modify their foundation pricing and fail to notify us in a timely manner. In such cases, we show you the actual invoice from the respective cemetery so that you can reimburse us.

Granite is an extremely hard material that withstands the elements very well. Unlike marble—a softer substance—granite has been and will continue to be around for centuries. We are extremely selective in the granite choices that we offer clients. Not all granite is alike and longevity can vary depending on its quality, origin and workmanship.
Depending on the finish, contaminant, and the extent of the soiling, cleaning is done in a variety of ways. Polished surfaces clean easily, usually with water and a sponge, while irregular surfaces, such as rock pitch, are more difficult.
Crevices provide a good place for living organisms such as molds and mosses to grow, and you may need a plastic brush to remove such organic growth. Do not use ferrous tools such as wire brushes, since residual particles and even tool contact with the memorial can produce permanent rust stains. Any solutions used must be rinsed thoroughly from the memorial. Memorial cleaning is available from Woodside, and is recommended for memorials with a large buildup of organic growth on them.