Cemetery Plot Markers

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Cemetery Plot Markers

Plot Markers

Upright markers aren't the only option for a meaningful memorial. Slants, bevels, or flat granite markers as well as concrete plot markers and metal plot markers are all high-quality and available to be personalized to unique specifications.

Slant markers are designed to be noticed.  The angle of the slant provides subtle easy viewing, making this marker a perfect showcase for your loved ones memorial.

Bevel markers are set above the ground and are used to identify individual burial plots or together with a family monument.  Companion bevel markers can be used for two burial plots, for husband and wife.  For a traditional look, finish bevel markers with sandblast artwork.  For a more personalized and modern look, have laser artwork added.

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Preserve the natural, tranquil quality of your cemetery property with flat granite cemetery markers that are flush with the ground and hidden from view by the grass at a distance. From flowers, religious symbols and emblems to flags, natural scenery, and portraits, Coldspring artisans can sandblast any desired pattern or artwork reflecting lifestyles of the memorialized. You can trust our skilled stonecrafters to create colors and images that reveal the full beauty of granite.

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