Military Veteran Memorial- Bronze Eagle

An inspiring, columnar-type memorial expertly-designed by a monument retailer and superbly-executed, was dedicated recently in front of the City Coliseum in Macon, Georgia, one of the state’s· largest cities and the business hub of Middle Georgia. The memorial commemorates servicemen from Bibb and surrounding counties and lists the names of those killed in World War I, World War 11, Korea, and Vietnam. The unit combines all-polished “Fox Hill Black Granite” and “Missouri Red Granite”, both quarried by the Keystone firm.

The monument, which has an overall height of over 12 feet, was designed and erected by Phil McGoldrick, of Macon, Georgia. A committee of veterans and area citizens raised funds for the project and asked Mr. McGoldrick for design ideas. The project received widespread sup- port and publicity in Middle Georgia and representatives from the Macon press even visited the Keystone plant during production and did stories about progress on the memorial.

Components include six “Fox Hill Black Granite” columns linked by separate caps and a taller “Missouri Red Granite” inscription column and cap on which is mounted a large bronze eagle. The columns are doweled onto a large, two-piece base resting atop a beveled masonry foundation. Polished “Fox Hill Black Granite” veneer panels are attached to the foundation, which appears as a large base. The name of servicemen killed in the various wars are inscribed on the panels. The Macon Coliseum is the primary sports and entertainment center for Middle Georgia, and the memorial is regularly viewed by thousands of visitors.

The bronze eagle has long been a symbol of military force and bravery. The eagle has been used in military terms for centuries and was featured prominently by the Roman legions in the days of the Caesars!

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