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If an above ground burial is desired, individual and family mausoleums are available in virtually unlimited design options. Larger mausoleums can accommodate multiple family members which may be more convenient for friends and family to pay respects. Only the finest materials are used for whichever type of mausoleum you choose, from basic architecture to a more decorative look.


Cremation is becoming a more popular choice over traditional burial due to its convenience and affordability.  However, more often than not the idea of a lasting memorial is still desired.  We can help remember cremated loved ones with a columbarium to suit your needs.  

Companion and individual cremation pillars, cremation boulder memorials, and cremation memorial buildings are options.  All can be created using stunning architectural features combined with carvings, murals, sculptures, and other adornments to create a truly remarkable effect. 

Over the years we have built a distinctive family of dedicated dealers, each one particularly attuned to the needs of the local community. They include: Brigden Memorials/Hale Monuments in Albion, Hart Monuments in Rochester, and Woodside Monument in Batavia. We also work directly with cemeteries in designing, procuring, assembling and installing columbariums and other specialty memorials.

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