Welcome to Hart Monument


Welcome to Hart Monument

When Searching for a Headstone, Monument, or Cremation Urn, Trust Rochester's Best.

Located next to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY, we have been serving the diverse needs of the many families and cemeteries in the metropolitan area for over 160 years –since 1978 as a part of Woodside Granite.

When you put your faith in the remembrance services of Hart Monuments, you can rest assured that your family, friend or cherished loved one’s memorial needs will be fully taken care of—Respectfully, compassionately, beautifully.

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Customize your memorial with confidence, helped at every step by skilled specialists. We include all standard design, lettering and special phrases at no charge. Your wishes may change but the cost remains the same.

In addition to customer-friendly pricing, we engrave and customize your memorial on site at our facilities. Unlike many monument providers, our sand-blasters train extensively in Barre, Vermont, granite capital of the world. The result is superior quality you can see. Our hand-crafted etchings are second to none, and our streamlined logistics compress the total time to complete your memorial.

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Experience you can count on.

You probably choose a cemetery monument only once or twice in your life. When you do, take full advantage of the understanding that our experience has given us. Our goal is to make your selection process as simple as possible, while still satisfying all your wishes.