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Memorials are our way of remembering those loved ones who touched our lives in special ways. While there are many types of memorials, having a permanent reminder of a person's gift to our lives can only be accomplished with the right materials and techniques. Woodside Granite has over 35 years of experience in custom commemorative memorial design in the Rochester and Western New York area. Whether it's a headstone or grave marker in a cemetery near you, or monument, plaque or stone marker in your community, a lasting memorial takes proper planning.

Through exquisite artwork and designs, granite monuments are enduring canvases that commemorate the lives and celebrate the memories of loved ones. Our standard and custom monuments offer a full range of features and comprise a multitude of sizes, granite colors, contours, sandblasted artwork, carvings, and diamond- and laser-etched designs. Woodside Granite’s designers and stonecrafters have the unlimited ability to express the lifestyles of loved ones with detailed images of religious symbols, landscapes, occupations, sports, pets, floral arrangements and fine portraits. These images can be carved, sandblasted or etched on standard monuments.

Over the years we have built a distinctive family of dedicated dealers, each one particularly attuned to the needs of the local community. They include: Brigden Memorials/Hale Monuments in Albion, Hart Monuments in Rochester, and Oakley Monument in Batavia. We also work directly with cemeteries in designing, procuring, assembling and installing columbariums and other specialty memorials.

You’ll find something for every taste, preference and budget, all designed to the highest of specifications for quality and craftsmanship. Our skilled stone artisans carve and sketch directly onto the granite surface, with portraits and emblems that may be affixed to further personalize the best memorial.

Commemorative Memorials in New York

If you live out of the area but need local services, don’t hesitate to call us at 585-589-6500. We work closely with communities and businesses in the Rochester metropolitan (Hart Monument), Greece (ROC Memorials & Monuments) greater Batavia (Oakley Monument) and Albion (Brigden Memorials) areas, plus many in surrounding communities. Whether it is a simple plaque or a full scale building structure, we will gladly be your on- location resource for all work required to create the perfect memorial.

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